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Hey, I'm Kerrin. I'm nineteen, I am female, I live in Massachusetts, I go to UMASS Boston, I'm a musician, I'm a Libra (b-day is October 22), and I'm not particularly affiliated with any specific fandom. I love video games and cosplay, and I go to Anime Boston every year. I am tattooed, have a kitten named Taiga, and enjoy a good cross-dressing from time to time, All I wanna do is create, grow, learn, eat, sleep, dream, and be better each day. I cannot stress it enough -- please talk to me anytime you want!!! I love y'all.

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The Hawk Eye

I can deal with that.

Prince Tony Stark


Doctor Thor Man

Captain America Romanoff

Captain Iron Banner.

Queen Natasha Fury

Princess Loki America

Queen Steve Coulson.



Reblogging this again because I did it again and I got

King Black Man

I don’t


oh my god

Asgardian Nick Rogers… Welp

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